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Why Evergreen

We have only one precious Earth and it is every single person's duty to take care of it.

Evergreen takes this commitment seriously. A spirit of environmental sustainability is embedded in all of the tires we make.

We hold to higher level production management system and use

environmentally friendly materials to reduce air and water pollution. We produce lower noise and lower rolling resistance products to reduce the automobile fuel consumption. We do our part in saving the world's limited resources.


The EVREGREEN brand has a strong reputation for safety, performance, and quality in over 100 countries around the world.

Through expert international marketing and sales, our tires have great success on the global market. Users across the spectrum of driving, ranging from everyday drivers to race champions have great respect for EVERGREEN.

A Value-Driven Brand

EVERGREEN are driven by our value of “Common interests beyond all others” with a clear mission to “Cordially provide customers with more valuable products and services”. Our goals of honesty, trustworthiness, and being customer-oriented set us apart as a brand that works to maximize the common interests of consumers, dealers, and suppliers. Our value-driven corporation results in value-driven product for all users.

State of the Art Research and Development

Since day one, we have been driven by our curiosity and quest for perfection to develop the most advanced, safe, and highest performing tires possible. With each product we make, we set a higher standard, incorporating expert research and development. Our design and innovation produce the highest quality tires ensure safer and pleasurable driving experiences for everyone.