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The MixWork Series
Mar 27, 2023

The Evergreen MixWork Tire Series is the perfect choice for your next ride. These tires are specially designed to withstand harsh working environments and have an extra reinforced bead structure that adapts to any terrain. They also have a specialized tread reinforcement formula, high-strength rubber blended at optimal ratios, and Ternary Alloy Wire. It reduces aging and increases service life in harsh road conditions.

These tires will keep your ride smooth all day long! And because they're so durable, there's no need to worry about replacing them anytime soon. You'll be able to enjoy driving in comfort, knowing that these tires will last forever. You can grab the evergreen MixWork tires from the following versions:

Evergreen MixWork EDM60
Evergreen MixWork EAM61
Evergreen MixWork EAM62

MixWork EDM60

MixWork's EDM60 is a high-performance tire for on and off operations. It has exceptional resistance to damage by compounds made with advanced antiwear technology. So your traction will never be an issue! Plus, this durable casing design ensures maximum service life in demanding, diverse work settings. It won't be a problem when going gets tough or rough terrain comes around.

The latest pattern always provides maximized grip no matter what kind of road conditions arise, whether they're wet. It is best suitable for big construction vehicles. It was created to maximize your operations no matter what kind of ground conditions they may be facing!

You know it's perfect for big construction vehicles. With it, you get:

Toughness :Excellent cut and chip resistance for challenging workplace application.

Longevity :Long-lasting and durable structure for extended tire life span.

Control :Outstanding traction for all on & off the surface.

MixWork EAM61

The Mix Work EAM61 is an all- position tire perfect for on and off functions. Developed with a special formula, this high-performance product has been designed to provide resistance against abrasion and anticut/chips S0 you can use it in any terrain without worrying about tires getting worn too quickly!

A reinforced steel-belted structure ensures a long-life span while also providing great traction control when driving at low speeds or through varied surfaces like dunes. Huh! Perfect if your job requires taking full advantage of every available transportation speaking.

It had best suitable for trucks and big vehicles. With it, you get:

Enduring Toughness :These tires provide a safe ride on paved and unpaved roads, making them perfect for any driver.

Enhanced longevity :It has an Improved structure for a lasting life span.

Complete Control :The exceptional traction and stability make it easy to go off-road on any terrain.

MixWork EAM62

MixWork EAM62 is the newest high performance, ll-position tire for off. road operations. It features a tough tread compound with outstanding mileage and resistance against scrubbing systems common in High Scrub areas. This makes it perfect to use when you need your vehicle's axles handled expertly!

The reinforced beads provide excellent structural durability to last longer than other types. Plus, there's never any fear of breaking Or losing them because their design ensures nothing gets lost between cuts while working outdoors.

It is perfect for construction and other big vehicles. With it, you get:

DurabilityDurability :The high-performance rubber is designed for paved roads and work sites, with excellent anti-wear properties.

Long-lasting performance :Improved structure for better durability and longer tire life span.

Control :Excellent traction and control for all-axle applications.

When you're looking to grab a tire that can handle any condition and terrain, MixWork is always the answer. With their Evergreen MixWork EDM60, 61, and 62 series tires, you'll be able to work with ease and confidence. These tires are perfect for any job site or terrain with tough compounds and a durable casing design.