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The MultiRoute Series
Mar 27, 2023

This tire series will give your vehicle more miles per gallon while also helping to protect the environment by reducing emissions! Thesemulf-purpose tires are designed with high-quality natural rubber compounds, Nano-sitica, and ultra-high tensile cord carcass cords toprovide longer wear on complex regional and long-haul road conditions. But it's more than that:

The Uitra Anf.Wear Tread Formula ensures the best wear resistance by using hioh structure reinforcement materials and the latestcoupling matenal. The responsive stress distrbution technology reduces ground pressure efficienty to provide top-rated safety withoptimized structure design.

Longer tread life, enhanced safety, and better handling with a longer life span.

Less time spent at the gas station, more time with your family.

You can drive confidently knowing you're in good hands, and your wallet will thank you.

They have been proven through testing to last longer than standard highway truck tires, which means enhanced handling stability withless money spent at gas stations! The MultiRoute tire series is available in three versions:

MultiRoute EAR30
MultiRoute EDR50
MultiRoute EDR51

Evergreen MultiRoute Series EAR30

EAR30 is the latest high-perfommance steer and trailer tire for national and regional operations. It is designed for the highest degree ofsafety and durabilty. With optimized pattem design, it improves both dry handlings in changing traffic conditions and wet road traction.

There is a rigid belt structure to enhance driving stability (especially at higher speeds) with enhanced tread forula ensuring long life onhighway roads or poor-quality surfaces like dirt tracks - this tire has it all!

lt is best suitable for passenger buses, trucks, and other oversized vehicles. To sum up, it gives.

Control: It has all the maneuverability you could want. The brakes and acceleration are responsive without being too grabbyperfect for navigating through traffic on your commutes!

Safety: The patented dual-bearing design gives all applications excellent stability, whether at low or high speeds.

Longevity: The well-paved roads ensure a great life span.

Evergreen MultiRoute Series EDR50

The EDR50 regular pressure distribution allows higher mileage potential. And the Silicon rich tread compound ensures strong links inthe polymer network for increased abrasion resistance.

It has a unique pattem design that enhances wet and dry grip with water drainage. lt is best suitable for passenger trucks. To sum upit gives.

Control: The off-road traction of this tire is unmatched, making it perfect for any type and condition you may find yourself in.

Endurance: lt gives long mileage performance for lower operating costs.

Safety:The fires are desioned to deliver high durability and performance in challencing or unexpected conditions on paved-roadsurfaces.

Evergreen MultiRoute Series EDR51

The new generation of drive tires from MultiRoute, the EDR51, is designed to help you operate cost-effectively with even wear andfuel efficiency. The unigue pattem ensures that it's ready for any conditions while providing grip in low-temperature environmentsthanks to its tread formula. It also helps provide traction when things get slippery!

This means less time wasted on repairs or replacements, which leads us all towards increased safely because who doesn't want theirequipment perfectly working every day?

It is best suitable for goods delivery vehicles and trucks. To sum up, it gives:

Excellent Control:The tires are superior at maintaining grip in wet or dry conditions, even at a low temperature.

Enhanced Safety: These are built for the most challenging conditions. They have excellent stability and durability, even in challenging weather conditions.

Longevity: Our new tires have been designed to offer you not only an extended period of use but also lower rolling resistance. which means less energy consumption.

Evergreen Tire Company has been designing high-qualitly tires to drive the future. You'l love the way your ride handles with their newMultiRoute series tires on it!