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The LineRoute Series
Mar 27, 2023

Everoreen LineRoute series are desianed for lono-distance hich-speed vehicles. spectficaliv to provide excelent fuel-saving and highmileage performance. it always offers customers a hiah level of safety and control while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency.

The Uitra Anf.Wear Tread Formula ensures the best wear resistance by using hioh structure reinforcement materials and the latestcoupling matenal. The responsive stress distrbution technology reduces ground pressure efficienty to provide top-rated safety withoptimized structure design.

It minimizes hysteresis loss of the tire, optimizing fuel-saving performance in driving conditions.

The LineRoute Series is available in three types of tires.

LineRoute ESL01
LineRoute EDL11
LineRoute ETL23

Evergreen LineRoute Series ESL01

The tire desian lowers operating costs and CO2 emissions with high mileage performance for regional use. Thanks to the new structuredesign and strict quality control regulations, maximum safety, and steering stability, are ensured.

It is best suitable for passenger cars, buses, and trucks. With it, you get.

Superior fuel economy and mileage: Tires with a silica-rich compound gives maximized mileage and minimized fuel consumption.

Increased stability and safety: Latest wave-shape groove design improves the steering accuracy for best controls.

Improved wear-resistance: Optimizing the outine structure ensures evenly distributed pressure across each tread unit to improve wear performance.

Evergreen LineRoute Series EDL11

It is designed to minimize CO2 emissions with fuel costs. Best in class durabilty is ideal for extended high-speed driving, and the extramileage makes it perfect for regional as well as long haul uses.

It is best suitable for trucks and carriers. The technical features making it most reliable are:

Higher traction and water drainage aimsTto provide help in arduous tasks.

Better mile performance: Helps minimize the losses of energy and fuel consumption while accelerating your performance.

Fuel friendly: Allows you to carry more load with less strain.

Evergreen LineRoute Series ETL23

The 3PMSF and M+S mark ensure excellent drip with 20% more mileage when compared to competitors. The fuel consumption isalso lowered with the improved rolling resistance.

It is best suitable for trucks and carriers. What makes it the most reliable and perfect choice is.

Improved longevity and low rolling resistance: With the latest silica-rich formula, you can expect low rolling resistance and excellent tire longevity.

Ultra-tensile cord for excellent durability and retreadability.

Cutting edge mixing technology enables even weight distribution. The highlvy effective contact area separates loading pressureevenly for better mileage performance.

Each LineRoute Series tire has A-grade quality with an extensive size range. These tires are designed to save fuel by providingenhanced safety control and long mileace.Each tvre passes through vanous stages and quality tests in the EverGreen Vietnam factoryit's to give you the top-quality tires that drive the future.

Evergreen is proud in producing tires to drive to the future. They have passed intemational quality certifications and got the DesignOscars "iF Design Award" in 2017. And Evergreen has grown to be the leading tires supplier all over the world. The advanced equipmentwith best research teams and top-quality standards let them assist you to drive to the future on roads ahead.

Today, you can grab their LineRoute series tires for your perfect driving experience and durability.